That Wild, Tasty Ride We Know As Life

Harbour House on Kalk Bay in South Africa offers stunning views, fabulous wine, and excellent food.

Dozens of countries and several decades into this life and travel thing, I’m starting a blog. Living, traveling, working around the world before blogging, Facebook, and Instagram existed means I am starting behind the curve.

Twenty years old and full of life, if not decorum, I hit London ground running and didn’t slow down.

My mind holds infinite details and stories, though, and I am not slowing down yet. In fact, I’m careening head first into round 2 (or 4 or 7; this cat has many lives). Where to begin? My brain lights up like a Christmas tree when I think of all of the adventures I’m lucky or crazy enough to have embarked upon and survived.

My first, life changing school trip to Mérida, Yucatán, Mexico? My most recent overseas trip to Cape Town, South Africa, where I worked with 5 year-old children in the township of Vrygrond? A bawdy tale from my days as a waitress in Covent Garden in London? Or a southeast Asia story of engine failure leading to new friendships and a wee bit of romance?

No Thailand backpacker’s first visit is complete without a night on Khao San Road and a Tuk Tuk ride!

Perhaps an introduction to the blog is a good first step. My lifelong best friend and I were out having a decadent, late lunch with bottles of rosé and  pasta and dessert. Life is short, and beautiful patio weather brings out the naughty in both of us. Oh how we love drinking and laughing on patios! Pure bliss.

House Wine in Austin has the most darling patio!

She told me, “Jo, you’re so much fun because you don’t give me a judgy look when I order another cocktail or tell me how many calories are in my food.” Ha! I thought. That sounds so boring. We agreed that way of looking at things was zero fun. Zero.

Tartine Bakery in San Francisco is the height of decadence.

As I pondered this over the following days’ boozy lunches, one where this same friend didn’t eat anything because of those darn calories, she claimed “Today I eat like model.” Hell’s bells, I thought, not me!

“Well, screw that. I eat like blogger.” As in a little bit too much, too naughty, yet always with pure joy. I write for an excellent, hyperlocal blog, The Austinot, where I’ve been lucky enough to experience such wonderful events as the Texas Monthly BBQ Festival, Big Reds and Bubbles, and Ronald McDonald’s annual charity gala here, the Bandana Ball.

Tillery Bar and Kitchen in east Austin overlooks the Colorado River.

I’ve eaten at gorgeous restaurants, attended countless happy hours, taken numerous day trips, and met a number of other local bloggers in my exploits. Hell, I even worked at a food truck festival, Trucklandia, for a day!

Tabasco Mexico 1994
Swimming at Agua Azul in Tabasco, Mexico meant tying a clothesline around our rib cage and swimming toward the waterfalls until they started pulling you. Risky.

Life is good! Along with eating like blogger, I decided on a perfect counterpoint, drink like poet. I like the sound of it, and as a writer and a drinker, it feels appropriate. Long story short (too late?), I love this ever-fascinating life, meeting people, and sometimes—but not always—throwing caution to the wind, setting forth on the next adventure with near bottomless enthusiasm and an open mind.

Mission Bar in the Mission District in San Francisco: bars on the neon sign beckon the bold.

Welcome to the chronicles of my life! I would adore hearing from you!

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